EyeLash Extension Aftercare

• Keep lashes dry for 24 hours

• Avoid rubbing, touching or pulling

• Be careful how you sleep! Avoid sleeping on your face

• Make sure all facial products are oil-free. Any oil on or around the eyelash extensions will cause the lashes to prematurely fall off

• Avoid mascara, especially waterproof mascara

• Avoid extreme heat (oven, hot air settings on blow dryers, and open fires) it can melt the tips of your lashes.

• Cleanse lashes every night with a lash cleanser and soft lash cleansing brush

• Keeping your lashes clean is very important for better lash health and retention

• Gently brush lashes with mascara wand (NEVER when  wet)

• Removing lashes should only be done by your lash stylist

• Come back for touch-ups (lash refills) every 2-3 weeks