EyeLash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the length, curliness, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes. We use the highest quality silk and faux mink lashes only. We offer the following styles of lash extensions: 

Classic EyeLash Extensions
Beautiful and natural looking individual lashes last two to three weeks before a fill is needed. The perfect beauty enhancement!

Volume Lashes
It’s all about the drama with these custom made lash fans. Volume lashes are the latest style of lash extensions that create long, fluffy looking lashes. 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D is the term for the amount of super light, individual lashes that are combined and placed on your natural individual lash.

Hybrid Lashes
A perfect mix of both Volume and Classic Lashes giving you a luxurious, but still natural look.

Lash Extensions

Half Set 90mins (4+ wk ) – $150
Full Set  2.5 hrs (6+ wk) – $250

Lash Refills

The best time to book for your refill after a Full Set of lashes! 

Refill  30 min (1 week) – $60
Refill  60 min (2 weeks) – $85
Refill  75 min (3 weeks) – $95

Lash pricing is the same regardless of style

Lash Removal
30 min – $50

Note: We DO NOT do outside lash fills

Lash Add-On’s

Feather Lashes
Feather Lashes are multi-length to add dimension and variation in lengths throughout your lash set. Feather lashes can be used for both Classic and Volume lash extension styles.

Ombre’ Lashes
Ombre’ Lashes are Black Lashes that have colored tips. Colors available are: Blue and Purple.

Please arrive with clean lashes or ten minutes prior to appointment time to clean them. It is not recommended to have caffeine 2 hours prior to appointment time.  Note: The highest quality of Silk and Faux Mink lashes are used.